The people at Ten Knots are diverse, talented, professional and extremely dedicated to the service of our guests, our reason for being. For the past 40 years, since Miniloc Island Resort opened its door, our staff commitment has kept us at the forefront of Philippines eco-tourism as well as recognized and acclaimed internationally.

Since its inception, Ten Knots has advocated responsible tourism and has exercised stewardship over its natural environment. For over four (4) decades, Ten Knots has strived to maintain a delicate balance between achieving tourism development goals, conserving El Nido’s fragile environment and meeting the needs of the local community.

Ten Knots Group is currently owned by Ayala Land Inc. and it operates the four island resorts - El Nido Resorts Apulit, Miniloc, Lagen and Pangulasian Islands. Ten Knots Philippines Inc. (TKPI) is also a member of the Ten Knots Group which focuses on land holding and property management of Lio Tourism Estate which is the location of four (4) boutique resorts - Casa Kalaw, El Nido Cove Resort, Balai Adlao and Hotel Covo.


Ten Knots Group will be a leading developer, operator, and manager of distinctive resorts in Southeast Asia.



Local Community Partnership 

Nature Protection

Individual Development 

Development of Organization 

Operational Efficience and Profitability








Hanniel Almasco | Asst. Sustainability Manager - Lagen Island Resort

In El Nido Resorts, I wake up every day to the privilege of living my ‘ikigai.’ They say that’s impossible and unattainable, but somehow, I have found myself doing the things which I love, which I am good at, which I can be paid for and most of all which the world needs. There is no perfect work place and every company has their own challenges. El Nido Resorts is not an exception. However, in my time with the company, even in the midst of these challenges, I was molded and was given the chance to grow in my field. 

I strongly believe that one should always find the bigger purpose in what they do, especially at work where we spend most of our lifetime. Here in El Nido Resorts, we are able to explore just that. We are not just another group of hotels and resorts; we have been in the hospitality industry for 4 decades already and in those 40 years we have successfully integrated sustainability in our operations. As we serve guests from all over the world, we create shared value in the local community where we belong while maintaining the least impact to our environment and biodiversity – and this is what I am most proud of. For as long as we stay true to our principles of responsible tourism, I will always be proud to encourage anyone to be part of the El Nido Resorts family.



Kim Floyd Suvilla | HRAD Manager, Operations - Lio Estate

For me joining El Nido Resorts or TKDC is not just a stepping stone towards a wonderful career. If you’re looking for a perfect, stable and secured job, you don’t have to go anywhere else. El Nido Resorts is the top pick! They care about your future, your career, you and your family’s health and they care about the environment and community. They respect people and treat people fairly regardless of background or whatsoever. The staff or employees and bosses working here treat you like family.

I must say that without El Nido Resorts I wouldn't be where I am right now. I started in 1998 as a dishwasher. Considering that I am not a degree holder and that I am not a specialist, I was able to reach the position this. This is not just because of the hard work and passion but also because of the overwhelming support, trust and love of this company has given me. They provide everything that would help me achieve this position. ALAGANG AYALA is real. I am now working in El Nido resorts for almost 21 years and looking forward to many more years to come. 


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